• About us

    Ariljemetal is a distributor of professional fasteners and tools, as well as producer of special fasteners. Our range includes products like screws, nuts, washers, rivets, drills, taps and dies, etc.
  • Steel,Stainless Steel and Brass Fasteners

    Sale and distribution of fastener products, tools, anchors, aerosol and special products, in accordance with the highest level of DIN and ISO standards, as well as special customized products such as screws, nuts, washers, rivets etc.
  • Special Fasteners

    Production of special fasteners made according to customers’ requests (produced using technology of hot forming, turning), milling, graining from different types of materials in a broad range of dimensions.
  • Anchors for Concrete

    We have tailored a broad range fixings to meet the most diverse requirements, both in relation to construction materials and type of fastening (standard and heavy-duty) All of our anchors for concrete have ETA.
  • Tools

    Ariljemetal in its range includes many types of drills for steel, made from different materials such as HSS (high speed steel), HSS reinforced with Cobalt, Titanium for drilling different types of steel.
  • Blind Rived and Tools

    The time and cost saving technology of blind riveting is simple. The materials to be riveted only have to be reached from one side, which explains the term "blind"

Ariljemetal company is found in 1992 by Mechanical Engineer Mr. Bogoslav Angeloski. From the first begging like result of technical now how which Mr. Angeloski have became with his long experience which have became working in the MZT- Skopje, Macedonia factory for Railway Braking systems. He see the importance of High Quality Fastener in the professional Machine bulding.      

Today Ariljemetal is Profesional producer of Hot Forging Fasteners with impressive manufacturing facility allow to offer to our castumers a lot of possibilities and solution for Standard Big Size and Special Fasteners.